Yes, of course Tamil is overrated. (sarcasm)
Tamil is arguably the oldest Indian languages we know of. (I do not wish to get into the Tamil vs. Sanskrit debate, about which came first.)
The Tamil language has existed for thousands of years. One of the oldest pieces of Tamil writing which we have discovered, Tolkappiyam, which is dated to be written around the 10th century BC. If the oldest piece of literature we have discovered is this old, it is likely the written language is much older. On top of this, we cannot say how long the language has been spoken. Experts the language could be over 5000 years old.
It’s definitely an impressive feat, that a language which is thousands upon thousands of years old is still in widespread use today. Millions and millions of people still speak it today, and there’s only a handful of languages that have survived just as long. As a result, it is even recognized as a classical language.
Some of the old literature in Tamil is amazing. If you really get into reading things like Thirukkural, the author, Thiruvalluvar, has written such an amazing book on ethics, respect, love, friendship, and many parts of our life. This book was written 2,000 years ago, yet to this day it is such an inspiring piece of text.
In the medieval times, Tamil was the language of some of the dominant kingdoms of south India. One of the best examples of this is the Chola Kingdom.
Today, you can find over 80 million Tamil people globally. You have Tamils in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, and as recent immigrants in countless other, mostly Western countries. This includes me, a Tamilan who was born and raised in Canada.
So, do you really think Tamil is overrated?


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