Need/Requirement. When need comes any one will learn any language and second thing the need is just to communicate and nothing else. Now in this modern era where Translating devices are there, what is need to learn a alien language unnecessarily.
Now coming to the question. I will list out some questions which has definite NO for all questions not only for Hindi and even to dead language Sanskrit.
  1. What is the need/requirement to a ordinary Tamil in Tamil Nadu to learn a language, which is like any other language as of foreign origin?? NO need.
  2. Is Hindi providing employment for lively hood in Tamil Nadu?? NO. Then why a Bihari who knows better Hindi sells “Panipoori” in southern states, He should have got job in North India itself.
  3. Is Hindi a court language in all courts? NO. Tamil is not made as court language due to political suppression from Delhi.
    1. Till date English is only language used as court language and that is the need to learn English
  4. Is Hindi developed as a scientific ( for science, mathematics, etc). language to be taught in schools and colleges??
    • Tamil has its own ancient science. we have names of Fractions and numbers which are not even found in any modern languages of the world including English. Definitely it is a crime that we as Tamils ignored its science and depended on English.
    • Fractions names in Tamil – Up to what fraction does Hindi or any other language has anybody reply??
b. Numbers names – Up to what Number does Hindi or any other language has anybody reply??
5. Is Engineering books available in Hindi and taught in colleges?? In Tamil engineering was taught in engineering colleges till recently. But now stopped due to political game of present Central government.
6. Is Hindi developed as Medical language?? Whereas Tamil has its own Medicine in Ancient Tamil as Siddha medicine. You cannot read writings in Ancient Tamil written by Siddhars in Hindi. And English medicine have to be read in English only and not in Hindi.
7. Is Hindi has grammar specifically for love and love life? NO. Tamil has its poetry section for Love and love life than another language in the world.
and so on.
I think this is enough to prove no need to learn any language including Hindi for a Tamil .
It is a political game played by both State and Central governments for their political gain. And North Indian Medias also part of that political system. These are one who spreading rumors that a Tamils doesn’t learn Hindi and are against Hindi speakers.
Following points are for non-Tamils to know about Tamils better
  • Tamils never closed any Hindi prachar saba in Tamilnadu,
  • Hindi is taught in all curriculum schools and as optional subject for non Tamil speakers in TN Government schools.
  • Tamilnadu government never forced any other race people inside Tamilnadu to learn Tamil complusory in schools or offices etc..
  • All non-Tamils living in Tamilnadu can learn in their own mother tongue
When a Tamil opposes Hindi: Only when it is pushed on to him by force to learn. Which is a normal human tendency that even a Hindi speaking person who will oppose when he is compelled to learn Tamil which is of no use in his state.
Conclusion: Tamils always learning others language and speaking fluently when required.
Following points are for Hindi speaking people who are like minded as the person who raised this question
  1. Why in Hindi speaking states didnt implement three language policy in their states??
  2. Why don’t Hindi people learn Tamil as their third language in Hindi speaking states as three language policy (exchange Policy)?
  3. Why a Hindi speaking person don’t learn Tamil or any other Indian language in his life time even if he has chance??.
    1. I never came across a “Brilliant” Hindi speaking person speaking other than Hindi in my life. Also needs to meet a person who learned and knows Tamil in his life time , even he had chances to live in Tamil Nadu for decades. I don’t think I will see in future as well.
Example : Sourashtri a decents of North India in Tamil Nadu never learnt Tamil even though they are born and brought up here and living here in for Centuries. Still they are speaking “enki” for “Enakku” meaning “for me”


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